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Feasibility Study

Is it worth building?

Our Advisory Division offers feasibility studies to support for developers, attorneys and lenders in the every stage – determining whether a project has supporting merits to be built. Likewise, we can help you gain additional funding as well as re-finance. Below are the basics of what we include in our reports.

Executive Summary

Briefly describe the project and reason/intention for the study

Project Scope

Summary of the intended project to include any basic renderings if available along with any pictorial items available (picture worth 1,000 words….) along with locational details, proposed amenities; etc.

Overview – Subject Area

Short description of the subject area’s history and wider-area history regarding development activity

Short description of the subject area in current status

Market Analysis – Subject area + expanded surrounding area

Describe/Discuss subject area sales/construction projects

Describe/Discuss expanded surrounding area sales/construction projects


  • Inclusive of reported income within the market area (Domestic Reach)
  • Typical buyers (i.e. foreign investors).

Demand – Projected demand for a new project

Trend Analysis

Potential Price Points

Approach – Specific answers to specific demands

Use of project details to address and craft a clear understanding as to why this project is “needed” and what demands (as stated above) it will answer.


Comparable Developments – similar projects recently built/currently under construction / publicly announced as planned/scheduled. Includes available details regarding sales prices

Financial Projections (Sales predictions based upon demand/approach)

Review / Conclusion / Recommendations

(SWOT) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Summary of all the above resulting in either go/no-go or reasons in support of the project.

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