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Is it worth building?

Our Advisory Division offers feasibility studies to support for developers, attorneys and lenders in the every stage – determining whether a project has supporting merits to be built.  Likewise, we can help you gain additional funding as well as re-finance.  Below are the basics of what we include in our reports.

  • Executive Summary
    • Briefly describe the project and reason/intention for the study
  • Project Scope
    • Summary of the intended project to include any basic renderings if available along with any pictorial items available (picture worth 1,000 words….) along with locational details, proposed amenities; etc.
  • Overview – Subject Area
    • Short description of the subject area’s history and wider-area history regarding development activity
    • Short description of the subject area in current status
  • Market Analysis – Subject area + expanded surrounding area
    • Describe/Discuss subject area sales/construction projects
    • Describe/Discuss expanded surrounding area sales/construction projects
    • Demographics
      • Inclusive of reported income within the market area (Domestic Reach)
      • Typical buyers (i.e. foreign investors).
    • Demand – Projected demand for a new project
      • Trend Analysis
      • Potential Price Points
    • Approach – Specific answers to specific demands
      • Use of project details to address and craft a clear understanding as to why this project is “needed” and what demands (as stated above) it will answer.
    • Evaluation
      • Comparable Developments – similar projects recently built/currently under construction / publicly announced as planned/scheduled. Includes available details regarding sales prices
      • Financial Projections (Sales predictions based upon demand/approach)
    • Review / Conclusion / Recommendations
      • (SWOT) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
      • Summary of all the above resulting in either go/no-go or reasons in support of the project.


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