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How to Convert Your Home Into a Long-Term Rental

There are different reasons to turn your property into a rental. If the property has taken a long period without selling, you could still make money from renting it out. This is an option if you want to supplement your income without selling your home. Regardless of your reason for turning your home into a rental property, you need to get it in order. There are several steps to follow that wil...
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5 Must-Ask Questions for Novice Real Estate Investors

Thinking about taking the plunge into real estate investing? If you are, you should know that investment properties can be a low-stress and lucrative way to supplement your income. At the same time, your first investment can also come with quite a few headaches and guesswork — that is, unless you know which questions to ask yourself before investing. Alterra Realty Group has pulled together this ...
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New Homeowner in Your Life? Here’s What to Get Them for the Holidays

The best holiday gifts are specific to the giftee. Everyone feels special when the people they love take the time to think about useful, timely, and appropriate gifts. Very few people need thoughtful gifts more than the new homeowner. If someone you love just bought a house, here’s how to make their holiday season brighter. Ensure they're getting fast internet access. You don't need to pay...
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How To Be A Safe, Smart, And Savvy Seller

With so many uncertainties surrounding the novel coronavirus outbreak, you might be wary of listing your home on the MLS. However, the market remains stable in many parts of the country, and there are ways you can sell without putting your family in harm's way unnecessarily. Keep reading for a few modern-day tips to streamline the process while staying safe and getting the job done. Co...
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Is It Time for Your Senior Parent to Downsize?

Image via Pexels Lately, your senior parent’s house isn’t looking as well-kept as it used to. You’ve also noticed overdue bills, laundry piling up, and other signs that your senior parent might be struggling to get by at home. Could it be time for assisted living, or is a smaller home all that your parent needs? If you’re tasked with helping a senior parent, use these resources to decide...
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3 Options for the Homes of Seniors Who Are Moving to Assisted Living

When an aging parent needs to transition into an assisted living facility, family caregivers are often left making some tough decisions. One of those choices is helping seniors decide what to do with their current home before moving to assisted living. If you are struggling with the same process now, the tips below can help you assist your loved one in making the right choice. Should S...
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